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How to Fix Quickly Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks?


QuickBooks is software designed and developed by Intuit to manage the accounting needs of any business in an efficient manner. It provides various services and tools for business like merchant services, planning tools, product and supplies and training solutions. But unlike any other software, QuickBooks also has many issues and errors which can interrupt the users in utilizing this software service to an optimum use.

This post we are going to discuss the QuickBooks Banking Error 155 and learn How to Fix Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks? Here, you will get to know more about the error 155 and tips on how to resolve it easily and efficiently. To take the help of experts, you can call QuickBooks Support Phone Number Ireland +353-1442-8988.  

What is Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks Online?

Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks Online occurs when your financial institution is currently not allowing connections from our system. This error is common with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) account types as these accounts require some additional security requirements apart from your User ID and password.

Check out the list of causes for banking Error 155 in QuickBooks Online and see how it can be fixed.

Causes of Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks Online-

Here is the list of reasons which cause error 155 in QuickBooks. These causes must be resolved immediately to fix error 155:

  1. Bank may have changed their name which is not refreshed on the server.
  2. Web association not steady which causes the problem when the procedure takes after Direct Connect Strategy.
  3. Corruption in the record can also cause blunders inside the product.
  4. When the Arrangement of the download exchange record is not supported with the QuickBooks software.
  5. If the user is still using an older version of QuickBooks.

While these are common reasons, there could be some other causes as well. So, user must try some easy steps or methods in order to remove the error 155. Let us discuss it.

How to Resolve Error 155 in QuickBooks Online?

There are four major solutions to fix this error issue. Kindly note the methods carefully and if you need expert help in performing the steps for you, just call at QuickBooks Helpline Number Ireland +353-1442-8988 and asks for instant help and support.

Solution 1: Manually Updating the software and entering MFA credentials.

Solution 2: Upload or Import Bank Transactions. Select one of the supported files:

  • QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Microsoft Money (OFX)
  • Quicken (QFX)
  • Comma- Separated Values (CSV)

Solution 3: See the exact time of the updates under the last updated column.

Solution 4: Reset Settings of Firewall and Internet Security

Contact QuickBooks Support Number Ireland for Error Resolution

If still, the issue remains unresolved, kindly contact our customer service at QuickBooks Customer Support Number Ireland +353-1442-8988, a 24×7 hours service at your doorstep. Use phone support, live chat support or do E-mail to QuickBooks team according to your convenience.

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