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How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues?


How to Improve QuickBooks Running Slow? Call at QuickBooks Support Number Ireland +353-1442-8988

QuickBooks is one of the most useful accounting software around the world. Like other software, QuickBooks also faces certain difficulties. Like, when you trying to operate QuickBooks Desktop over a network for a big company file, you will certainly experience that your QuickBooks is taking protracted time to open, slowness issues or other similar problems.

Users facing issues with the performance of QuickBooks Desktop may be due to the company files. The performance of the QuickBooks decreases as the size of the files in company increases. As such there is no actual limits on the size of the company data file but the root cause for hindrance in performance is the increasing size of the data files due to which network is not capable of handling files that have. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Ireland and dial +353-1442-8988to ask for help in guiding “How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues”.

QuickBooks performance is an important factor for users because if they work in troubles and interruptions, their performance will also slow down. In this article, we have tried to provide every useful methods to speed up your QuickBooks Desktop performance.

Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues:                                  

Before proceeding, make sure all QuickBooks installations, including the Database Server Manager on the host or server, are up to date. After that follow these recommendations to resolve performance issues:

  • Reduce the size of the company files

If you have large company files, you can reduce the size of your company file, although it requires a lot of time and work but it can be easily done through running the Condense Data Utility, Truncate your Company File and starting a new company file. If you find any difficulty in doing this, take help of professionals at QuickBooks Customer Support Ireland.

  • Enhance your Computer

If you still experience performance issues, increasing your available RAM may improve the condition. Multiply the number of users in the network by the size of your file in GB. For eg.: if your file size is 500 MB and you have 6 users then you need 3 GB of RAM in your server. 

  • Upgrade your Operating System

Make sure that the computer that will store the file is a true server and fill all the RAM slots with the highest capacity chips.

  • Set your QuickBooks Preferences

Your QuickBooks slow performance is sometimes caused due to the pop-ups. So, if you want to avoid this, you can turn off auto pop-ups in QuickBooks preferences.

  • Use a networked Computer

Store your company data files on an internal hard drive in a computer on your network.

Once you are done with the above methods, try opening QuickBooks again and see if it works fine this time. However, if you are getting the same issue, we will recommend you to go for customer support team where experts will help you in getting the technical issues with QuickBooks resolved easily.

For more information and better assistance on resolving performance issues with QuickBooks software, users can go to QuickBooks Online Support Number Ireland +353-1442-8988. It gives you 24-hour service with guaranteed solutions and surety that the issue will never come again.

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